2016 Goal Recap – April

April was a solid month, I did get sick and I went on holiday but I had saved my holiday spending money in advance, I exercised a bit more and I feel in more control of it all. I’ve cut the overdraft in half, the flat is manageable and I’m learning to think differently about how I do things. So I’m feeling pretty good. The recap of the little goals for April is below…20140914-204723-74843564.jpg

In addition to keeping on top of my 2016 goals and I really need to try and focus ’cause as I said last week, I feel that danger is that I’m getting cocky! I want to do the following:


Have one week this month were I only spend £5 on groceries. Fail – I spent £7.50 but I feel that I have a good grasp on what food I have in the house so it’s a fail-ishOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Focus on de-cluttering. Books to Barter Books for £20 in store credit, broken chair to dump, and I threw some clothes away..

Deep clean. I left the house last week very tidy, oven cleaned, bedroom tidy, the only thing I haven’t done (again!) is defrost the freezer….IMG_3150


Three times a week walk from the station to the office. I was going great guns with this and then I caught a cold and it went out of the window, I know it can be done so this resumes when I get back to work next week.

Get to bed before 10pm on schoolnights. Done and doneIMG_2825

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