Friday Links

Happy Friday! It’s the last day of my holiday and while I’m going to enjoy sleeping in my own bed tomorrow, I am going to miss this place…img_4095

People have mixed opinions about Jack Monroe and I’m not here to argue about that. This, about the importance of being interested and involved in politics and especially local politics is a bit ranty but it’s a good point well, well made.

The myth of the processed foods are bad for you!  Worth a read. If not eating processed food prevented obesity, I’d be thin however, it’s cheaper and I know what’s in it..

This about renters right groups is also worth reading.

Portion control and how not to overeat…

Frankie Boyle on Jeremy Hunt and the NHS strikes

Surrogacy in India. I find the whole idea disturbing, it turns babies into a commodity, which is worrying..

Housing in London. Yes again….

The women behind the men. Men behave badly and are still held up as great..

Mark Steele on Hillsborough. Some people reckon this is a victory for British justice, it’s not. It’s an indictment of the establishment, who seem to know no shame. Before Hillsborough happened, Mum and Dad took us to an England vs. Brazil friendly at Wembley, it was one of the last games I went to when standing was still allowed. We were late and it was one of the scariest things I’ve ever been in. Ben went under and was hauled up by someone in the crowd. Whenever I think about Hillsborough, I remember how football fans were treated back then, like animals, and Hillsborough didn’t surprise me, for years I’ve known that the police lied and the newspapers helped spread those lies and it’s horrific but it doesn’t surprise me.

Mail snatching cat


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