2016 Goal Recap – March

How are we a quarter of the way through the year already? Time seems to speed up as we get older, certainly I seem to have more grey hairs!

So March. I was pretty low key about March goals, stick to the big ones and set simple and easy goals for the Little Goals. I did pretty well, I feel good about them.

I’m not walking to or from work every day but I did walk into work from the station twice this month, it was harder than I expected. I’m keeping an eye on the money and on track with those goals, if anything though I think I might be feeling a bit cocky about this so I need to slow it down a bit and focus.IMG_3979Overall, there’s not much to talk about I’m grinding it out. One of the interesting things that has happened this year is that I’m consistently early for work. As soon as my reduced hours stopped in January, I’ve been hitting the office at 8am more or less every morning. It started because the earlier trains are emptier and I wanted to be able to grab a seat and then I guess it became a habit and it helped me at work. I have an hour to work on stuff and set myself up for the work day before everyone else comes in. I wouldn’t say that I liked it, we are still talking about being up too early for my liking but the benefits of it to the rest of my day are clear and it’s getting much easier now the mornings are lighter.IMG_3913Thinking about that got me thinking about how 2016 goals are as helping me focus overall, because I don’t think that early mornings would have been easy to make a habit if other goals weren’t also in play. Keeping an eye on money means that I food prep better which makes it easier to get out of the house in morning because I grab breakfast and lunch and go. The same for having a work uniform, it’s just one less decision to make each day.



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