Friday Links

Happy Friday! and Happy Birthday to two of my favourite people, Laura and Sarah. I’ll see Sarah today to celebrate her big birthday and Laura tomorrow for family lunch.

Here are this week’s links…

Religion has no place in politics.

This is why faith has no place in politics, and a prime minister has no place to tell us whether our country is or isn’t Christian. It is not because religion is civically irrelevant – it isn’t. Nor is it because politics has some superior rational grounding to religion – it often doesn’t. It is not even because atheists get a distinctly raw deal from such a political culture, even though we do. Rather, it is because, when politicians perceive us by creed or ethnicity, we become a different kind of entity for them. We are no longer their equals, who can think for ourselves but are open to persuasion, whose interests must be represented to the state. We are a congregation who, tickled the right way, will listen to our leader, since he is the state’s representative on Earth.

This on Aung San Suu Kyi and her comments about Mishal Husain in 2013, and about the general issue of the Rohingya in Myanmar was interesting. She was still totally out of order.

I like BrewDog but I can see why some people don’t.

A poorly thought through policy may have horrible impacts. Teachers may have to leave the UK because they don’t earn enough. It’s like they don’t sense test these things before they announce them..

Anorexia and the brain. Interesting and horrifying. There’s been some stuff about it being attention seeking I don’t think that it is but often anxious children seem to be attention seeking especially to older people (hello boomers) who are more robust or insensitive (delete the term you think suits best)

Anyone really believe that the government will really help the Port Talbot steelworks? We bailed out bankers, we should do the same for steel. They could have worked with the EU to do something about the Chinese imports but haven’t…I really don’t hold out much hope..

Why conservatives are talking about struggling white people the way they usually talk about black people. There’s been a lot of talk about Trump and Hitler’s rise to power in Germany, I wonder if this is what it felt like for my grandparents, feeling that things were sliding somewhere wrong. It doesn’t feel like the end of the world but it doesn’t feel safe either.

From a link in the above piece. How Lincoln won the soldier vote. Who knew? I was fascinated by the Lincoln Memorial in DC, it probably provoked the opposite reaction in me than it was intended. I grew up in a country that loves victorious commemorations, so I know a statement when I see it but there’s something about the scale of this one that is obscene. Also, I don’t know enough about the American Civil War but then I’m not sure I know enough about the English Civil War…

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