Life Happened: Three Day Week

The week after a long weekend is never the best but this week kicked me in the head. It’s the clocks going forward, I was fine on Sunday and Monday because I woke up when the sun rose. On Tuesday though I had to get up in the dark, it wasn’t very dark but it was dark enough that I spent most of week feeling jet-lagged. It was pretty pathetic.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday passed pretty much without comment. There was work, there was home, there was wanting to cry like a baby because it was 6am and I had to get out of bed. My mantra was ‘it’s three days, just three days’.

On Thursday night I went home happy in the knowledge that I would not have to get up at dark o’clock on Friday morning. On Friday, I got up and did some washing, I took books back to the library and found myself buying 5 flat sheets, 150 nightlights and a barbeque lighter for Sarah, not her present but for her party! Friday night, was party time, although I needed to bail at 11-ish because I was so tired and needed to be up early on Saturday   
Saturday was birthday celebration number twoIMG_3997Ma and I headed to Watford for Laura’s birthday lunch. Lunch was great and I learnt all about how anacondas attack their prey. This was a practical demonstration with Oli as the anaconda and me as the prey. Oli and Joe are both lovely. Joe is cheerful, active baby who looks a lot like his Daddy but unlike Daddy is rarely grumpy, even when he’s tired! Oli is just a delight, he’s so much fun to be around and is sucking up knowledge like a sponge and his reading is brilliant (he read me one of his school books).

However, I was already tired and by the time I got home was just done. I fell asleep at 8pm and slept for 7 hours, the last time I slept that much was when I had the osteotomy!

Sunday was a lazy day, I did the shopping and that was about it.

An easy week!



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