Little Goals – February 2016

It’s time to tell you about the little targets I have for February! I’m keeping it very low key this month so here they are…


Cupboard clear out. It’s time for the annual sort out and re-shuffle of the big cupboard and a bit a of clear out generally. The way that the month is going it’ll probably be done on the last weekend of the month but it needs to happen

Defrost the freezer. This is the only thing that didn’t get done in last month’s great big kitchen tidy, I need to just get it done.


Limited drinking. I decided not to give up booze in January but thought that I probably would in February but the events of last weekend decided me. I will only drink a one glass when I drink, those days will be Friday and Saturday. The drinking guidelines have changed and I want to ensure that I keep well within them. So I want to be strict this month to make that behaviour second nature.

Yoga 8 times this month. This is basically to keep me accountable for the over all goal.

Stretching: This is slightly different from the yoga, I have stretching that I should be doing for my knees and I just need to remember to do it every day.

Exercise. Two sets, five times a week of the following. 10 sit ups, 20 squats, 10 push ups from my knees. This is really just more of the same.DSCF4423Watch 4 DVD’s this month. I failed at this last month but hopefully February will be a quieter month.


Lent starts with Ash Wednesday on 10 February with Ash Wednesday. I’m struggling with church a bit at the moment, not a crisis of faith so much as a crisis of timing where Grace is concerned and not knowing what would fit other than that nowadays. Although my faith is if not the same, certainly as strong as it has been, I am recognising a lack in that area. n. I read something last month, “to have faith, sometimes we have to act as if faith is possible”, which reminds me that practice is as important as belief. For Lent, Grace is meeting weekly-ish and will use 40 Temptations by Ian Adams to kick off some reflection. Meeting in the week is not ideal for me but I do want to get to the monthly service next week and see what else I can manage of the other meetings as work/sleep/migraines allow.  I’ll also through the course of Lent re-visit the Stations of the Cross meditations I did as a Gracelet a couple of years ago because every time I make my way through them, I’m called to a different point in the journey.



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