Life Happened: Not very well

So the aims last week were all about sleep

  • Be in bed at 9:30pm so I can be relaxed enough to fall asleep at 10pm, rather than gettting into bed at 10pm and taking a while to get to sleep
  • No screen time after 9pm

I managed that but mostly because I was so tired. I really wasn’t sick, not properly, I was just under the weather, with a mysterious chin rash (which I did not take a photo of but trust me, it was there.)

I was still being sick on Monday morning, but I was still at my desk at 8am (this early morning thing is doing wonders for my work ethic but I am beginning to wonder when I turned into my Grandad!)

The rest of the work week was fairly average, on Wednesday when I was at peak not feeling very well, I was given a free pizza, which was very happy making!IMG_3769However I was also feeling bad enough to have to bring out the big guns of hot lemon drinks…IMG_3777By Friday, I was so ready for the week to be done! Thank goodness for dress down Fridays, I got to wear my new jeans (belated Christmas present from Ma) that fit perfectly and are long enough. I am going to wear these to death! The photo was taken on Sunday when I popped out for pain au raisin and couldn’t face actual shoes!

  On Friday night I called in on Kathy and ended up staying for dinner and catching up!

 The weekend was low key, Ma came for dinner in Saturday

 I just managed to rescue dinner from disaster but the onion bread didn’t make it!

This week I’m all about work, it’s a busy week, so I’ll be concentrating on that and everything about making that happen!

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