Friday Links

Happy Friday!

The links this week appear a bit grumpy, sorry about that!

The importance of a ‘fuck off’ fund. We called it the escape fund but the point is good…

Facebook’s ‘motherhood challenge’ I’ve seen this and I try not to be too sensitive about stuff like this because there’s nothing worse than being over sensitive to stuff that isn’t about you but I found the whole thing in bad taste.

While I’m on the subject this about the nonsense of parents claiming to feel more deeply because parenthood is spot on (and written by a parent!). Also this from me about more or less the same thing. In this case it is about me and it’s a nasty thing to think or say…

Who would be a teacher? I know a couple and it’s ridiculous the amount of work they take home and don’t start about the holidays most of the ones I know go in through the holidays as well. It also doesn’t make sense that the local academy school has more freedom in what and how they teach, in allowing children to be taken out for holidays and in whether or not their teachers are qualified…

I haven’t seen this yet. I don’t doubt that she was well meaning but the minute I read that Camila Batmanghelidjh had 3 PA’s, I was suspicious of Kid’s Company because you have to be really, really tone deaf not to understand that if you run a charity then using it to fund three PA’s for one person (no one is that sodding busy or dis-organised) is wrong. So she can shout all she likes about a plot to bring her down and the government and society letting those children down but she let them down too. The thing is that loving kids isn’t enough. It’s true that the children that Kid’s Company helped for the most part were missing love but parenting isn’t just about love, it’s about teaching discipline, responsibility and other life skills. The job of a parent is to teach a child to live (fully live) without a parent hovering over them, yes these children and their families needed help but handing out money and ‘love’ sure as hell wasn’t going to be enough.



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