Life Happened: Autumn is just around the corner

I’m not a fan of autumn, so when we flipped from August to September and everyone got all happy about the forthcoming change of the season, I just ignored them. Then last Monday, the schools went back and it rained and I realised that I had a cold. Well played September, remind me why I don’t like you and your autumnal friends October and November.

On Monday afternoon, I went home from work because I felt horrible and just wanted to sleep. When I’m not well, I sleep! After a four hour nap, I woke up still feeling terrible with a very sore throat, so I made my honey, lemon and ginger concentrate, took some drugs and went back to bed. It’s been a good 6 months since I last had a cold so something is working but I’ve had a couple of bad years with coughs and bronchitis and it’s made me paranoid about catching anything and very afraid that it’ll be more of the same. So I spent Tuesday at home feeling ill and coughing between sleeping, it’s always a sign of how bad I’m feeling if I can’t read but I was back at work on Wednesday, I’m still a bit snotty and coughing but I’ll do!

I worked from home on Friday, and had a quiet day on Saturday because the weather was horrible and Joe’s birthday party was postponed to Sunday. Instead I had dinner at Kathy’s on Saturday which was restorative for body and mind! On Sunday, we celebrated little Joe, that year went really quickly!img_4927How amazing was the cake that I did not make, Laura has the decorating thing down pat!img_4937This week I will catching up on the Archers, getting a lot of sleep and if the weather forecast is accurate being very warm!



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