Friday Links

Happy Friday! I seem to have a cold, I’m taking extra elderberry syrup, drinking lots of ginger with lemon and honey and ginger shots, taking extra vitamin C (it’s supposed to help shorten the length of a cold) and as much sleep as I can manage! Hopefully, I can stave of the worst of it.

This week from me, there was miscellany, a post about what the boys and I did for Mother’s Day for mummy and grandma, a brief post about the plot and a snapshot of what I’ve been eating recently.

Here are this week’s links from elsewhere…

Should we avoid Mother’s Day because it’s hard? This is something I was thinking about on Monday and is worth reading.

Childhood misconceptions Funny

Farm Girl Café, Chelsea: ‘We don’t stay for dessert, because we have suffered enough’ – restaurant review

Delusions of stadium grandeur haunt West Ham and club’s owners I’m not all that keen on West Ham, but no fan deserves this!

Austerity really has hit poor people hardest – the figures prove it

If we truly cared about poor people, low-wage Britain wouldn’t exist

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