Life Happened: All work, all the time

Last week had two goals

  • keep on top of the housework (and mice)
  • get through the week on full time hours

I did managed both but not without some issues. The week started off alright even if I had to leave the house in the dark!IMG_3726I was in migraine fortnight and the consistent night-time wake ups (from next door’s screaming kid, and she does scream for at least 40 mins at a time, every night) took their toll and on Wednesday I had a migraine. Which was disappointing, actually it was more than disappointing it was also painful but I’m going with disappointing because I was hopeful that I would get through the month without one as I’ve been watching for all the little triggers, however, this was one outside of my control, which sucks…

The rest of the work week passed pretty much without incident, on Friday I spent some time in the pit of hopelessness also known as the Apple Store, I say some time, I mean 2 hours but there was the three hours that I went home for while they put a new battery in.  The good news is that they did and it was free and my phone lived to serve another day!

On Friday evening, I went to Jenny’s ‘no more treatment’ party. It’s been a slog for Jenny and for the rest of her family. I’ve always said that Jenny is the kind of person I want to be when I grow up, which is why I’m so happy that she’s done with chemo and radiotherapy  and that the world gets to keep her for a while yet!

On Saturday, I started marmalade, it’s the season and did other boring housework stuff. 

  Ma came for dinner on Saturday 

 I spent Sunday doing very little, apart from food prep for the week ahead…It was gloriously unproductive but just the thing!

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