Friday Links

Happy Friday!  This week was apparently the worst week of the year or at least the most depressing, given that it started off with Blue Monday. Hopefully, your week wasn’t too awful and here are this week’s links…

How to beat the Blue Monday blues. Or any kind of depressive episode!

The Housing and Planning Bill reveals the contempt the Conservative Party holds the public in.

Giles Fraser on the Anglican Church and its latest nonsense on gay marriage.

Robin Lustig on liberalism. Don’t disagree with any of it.

The problem with capitalism.

The end of standing on the right? Years of London Tube tradition is not efficient, I’m shocked and disturbed..

Book depicting ‘happy’ slave of George Washington. Ignores that actual slave ran away and Washington conspired to keep him in slavery basically breaking the law. I found the contradictions of Mount Vernon, the emphasis on how great a man Washington was with the slave quarters obscene. And on Monday they withdrew the book. Well done them.

Pope Francis draws criticism over Protestant concessions. Finally, the RC church is catching up with me. I’ve always taken communion at any church I’ve been too because people should not be able to stand between me and God, it also didn’t bother me if a non-Catholic took communion in a Catholic mass either. So I’m pleased that Francis is doing this even though it’s going to take a lot more than that to get me back into a Catholic church..

We had a tiny bit of snow this weekend, London snow, you wake up and see that there has been snow because it’s still on top of cars and roofs but not on roads or pavements! The Guardian had a disappointing snowmen photo round up. It’s very British..

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