A Day in my Life

As I’m back to ‘normal’ working hours this week, I thought it would be interesting to document what a working day looks like for me. It may actually only be interesting to me but as this is my space, I’m gonna go ahead and do it anyway!

5:45am  The alarm goes off, the wake up light as been gradually lightening up my bedroom so I’m either awake or semi-awake but at 5:45am, the radio comes to life and Farming Today starts, and among other things I learn about the use of drones on farms. I generally grab my phone and check mail and fitbit to have a look at how I slept. The blue light of the screen needs to be avoided at night but embraced in the morning. However, this morning I’ve woken up with a headache, this is not unusual for this time of the month (I’m bang in the middle of migraine time) but I know the drill, water, tablets, vicks and close my eyes for a bit.

6:10am  I drag myself out of bed after the news. The headache is a bit better and in order to avoid getting back into bed, I make it and lay out my clothes for the day. Then do my set of exercises.

6:20am  Into the kitchen for a rodent check! I make a cup of mint tea, fill up up water again and sort out my lunch.


To the bathroom to  perform morning ablutions (it’s a fabulous word that!)

6:40am  Into work clothes, make up and hair to make myself presentable. This is as good as it’s going to get today. Then wash up and put away tea cup and water glass. I’ve become a little bit fanatical about getting things away recently (my mother is so proud!).

7:00am The 7 o’clock news is my cue, I have a final check to make sure that I have charger, travel card, book, phone etc, then leave the house and walk to the station, I’m usually out by 7:05am and at the station for the 7:26 to Paddington. Leaving the house when it’s dark in the morning sucks every bit as much as you think it does but it’s worth it, to get a start on the day and a seat on the train. And it’s still dark and I’m still not happy about it… 7:40am – 7:50amArrive at Paddington and walk to the bus stop, it’s still not light yet. Usually, I’d walk from Paddington to the office but my foot still isn’t up to it so am taking the bus. I moan about public transport constantly but London is well served by buses. Although in the 3 minutes I have to wait for the bus, I say a small prayer for the teachers of the two teenage schoolgirls chatting away at the bus stop. It’s the combination of total ignorance and complete confidence that blows me away, I’m comforted by the knowledge that teenagers are working with nearly adult bodies but underdeveloped brains, essentially they’re disabled, most of them will turn out fine!

8:05amArrive at the office. Log in, make tea (tea is important even though mine is herbal or green rather than ‘proper’ builders tea!) and get water, check email and to-do list while eating breakfast. Get to work on the list. Remember at about 8:50am that I haven’t called my mother, do that and get back to work.

10:20amColleague suggests coffee and I’m still headachey, caffeine is one of the few things that help with fending off the migraines so we go get a coffee and I eat my pear in the hope that they will help. They don’t.

11:30amFruit has arrived so I grab some grapes and an apple and a plum. I also make another mint tea and refill my water bottle. I snack on the grapes, the other fruit is saved for tomorrow.

12:10pmStill headachey, I eat my lunch (surprisingly delicious, the spinach idea is keeper for work lunches) and take a painkiller. I take some time to check my email, exciting email from library informing me that two books on reserve have just come in! Walk to the break room and read for 15-20 minutes, give up because headache so decide to get back to work.

The afternoon is spent mostly at my desk writing up minutes and dealing with anything else that comes up, at some point, I wash up my lunch things and refill my water and tea. At 4:45pm, I review the work that needs doing in the rest of the week and double check my diary to make sure that I’m not missing anything. That done, I work out a task list for tomorrow and shut down my laptop. While I’m waiting for that to happen, I have a quick tidy of my desk etc.

5:04pmDesk clear and it’s time to leave the office. The journey home is uneventful, I get a seat and am home by 6:00pm.

I get home to discover that the landlord and handyman have been round. The boiler has been serviced, the mouse entrances covered, the light socket in the cupboard and bedroom radiator valve fixed and the bathroom cold tap now works again! Hurrah!

Ma calls and we catch up on the day, then after I change into home clothes, I potter about for a bit tidying up and rearranging cupboards back to how they were this morning, and then make dinner. Dinner is soup (this is not a photo of the actual soup I made but it’s close enough!)DSCF5139After dinner, I wash up.Tomorrow is rubbish day so I sort out the recycling and mop the floor. By 8:30pm, I’m all done.


I sit down to read for a bit, this doesn’t go as expected and I wake up at 9:30pm feeling confused! So I go and have a shower and get myself to bed. 12 hours after I woke up to R4, I go to sleep to R4, lights out at 9:50pm

So all in all a pretty average Monday and work day generally. How was yours?

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