Food and Budget update: 16/01 to 22/01/2016

So this food week wasn’t overshadowed so entirely by the mice but I’m still gradually replacing things. The shopping list looked like this

DSCF5143DSCF5157 DSCF5158

So there were some changes, I decided I wanted to try a new recipes so needed porridge oats, other things I bought that weren’t on the list; spinach, stuffed pasta, passata, olive oil, fizzy water. Things on the list I didn’t buy caster sugar (again), pesto and one of the replacement herbs and spices, I’m replacing the thrown out packets with jars, so loosing one isn’t a huge deal. The spinach, stuffed pasta and olive oil were all on offer and the fizzy water just tastes more interesting at the end of the day and is better and cheaper than coke, root beer etc.

The total came to £14.79, so 21p in the jar, every little helps and all that!DSCF5144DSCF5148 DSCF5154

This weeks breakfast were yoghurt and granola with peaches and lunches were a salad with bulgar wheat (along the lines of this cous cous salad) which I ate with a spinach salad. The pineapple and pears were for snacking on. 

 I’m still working on emptying the freezer, so I can defrost it properly at the end of the month. Therefore dinners where mostly from there with some additions.

Cottage pie and green beans on Saturday.

Chicken and peppers with rice on Sunday night and remixed on Tuesday.DSCF5131Soup on Monday night (and that is the last of the soup I made in preparation for my six weeks recovering from the osteotomy….)DSCF5139

Black Bean burgers and veg on Wednesday.

FNP on Friday.IMG_3716The week felt like it was tough so I’m just pleased to have got to the end of it on budget and eating well!


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