Life Happened – Haircuts, Cake and Birthday Parties

Some weeks, I want to label these posts ‘Life didn’t happen’ or ‘Life Happened at the weekend’. Which is sort of true when Monday to Friday are working days. Pretty much, I get up, I go to work, I come home, prepare for the the next day, read a bit and go to bed. It’s not very interesting…

This week work was all about the minutes, they are technical and difficult and I don’t need to go on a minute taking course, I need the attendees of the meeting to go on a ‘how to make your comments concise and to the point’. Every job has things tasks that sap the strength of your soul and this is mine! Fortunately for me on Tuesday there were cupcakes….IMG_3389The other news this week was that I have a date for fixing my left foot, that’s due on 23 October, which is quicker than I expected and will require 6 weeks off work and not being able to walk a lot. Everybody is predicting that I’ll be bored out of my skull by week two. I’m not so sure that I will be, I might finally learn to crochet…

Finally Friday came and I slopped off early for a much needed haircut and a catch up with Jane.IMG_3393 Instead of staying at Ma’s afterwards, I went home to get a head start on baking a birthday cake on Saturday morning. The child in question been very specific about what she wanted so chocolate cake with butterflies it was!DSCF4932Pass the parcelIMG_3395Sunday was a very quiet day, I honestly didn’t have a conversation in me!

Today is back to the routine and the job!


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