Friday Links

Happy Friday! It’s always good to get to the end of the week and onto the weekend! Tonight I have friends coming for dinner and other fun stuff planned for the rest of the weekend. This week’s links…

1) Tax Avoidance. Marina Hyde nails it and it makes me so bloody angry.

2) Oliver James on the fallacy at the centre of the riches thinking on what they owe to the State. Or as Obama said “You didn’t build this”

3) Giles Fraser on the removal of Satan in the CoE baptism service. The line from the RC service, when I was baptised asked my parents and godparents to reject “Satan and all his empty promises”. Like Giles, I don’t believe in an actual Devil, but I think that the empty promises of evil and sin sum up what I reject as a Christian. Doing the right thing is hard sometimes and doing the wrong thing in the short term can feel better but ultimately it’s a hollow thing, that doesn’t nourish. Empty promises…

4) More religion, this time on Valentine’s Day and the gift of singleness. 

5) This came from Jo. It’s very funny but not safe for work. An Australian’s take on US gun laws.

6) Street Kids and Football in Cote d’Ivoire. I was really struck by those kids when I was there, children bringing each other up, it’s one of those things that has stayed with me..


7) Israelis and Arabs contested history. This is one of the best pieces of writing I’ve seen on Israel in a long time.

8) This. I really object to people talking about now they don’t do chemicals. Everything is chemicals. Water is a chemical. Harmful chemicals are one thing, but you can’t exist on this planet and be chemical free. This type of pseudo science is why we have people who think that measles are healthier than vaccinations…

9) I don’t know whether to be amused or alarmed…Boston mayor tells people to stop jumping out of windows and into snow. But seven and a half feet of snow…I can’t imagine what that looks like!

10) But a couple of inches of snow shut DC down. Which I totally get, because that’s pretty much what happens here although ’cause of DC’s reliance on cars, I think it’s a little bit worse. Seriously, they think they have a good transport system but I have never missed the Tube as much as I did that week!

Cue gratuitous photo of DC in the snow!20140305-072908.jpg


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