February Recap and Plans for March

February was not a good month. I sort of feel that January and February have been ruined by my being sick and that I’ve yet to start the year at all. I want to feel well and nothing that I do seems to help with that. I’m just a coughing, poorly person and I’d quite like it to stop now!IMG_2807

With that in mind, let’s recap my goals.

  • I didn’t hit any of my fitness goals in February, I did get to the gym for 3 classes but everything else just fell apart because I got so ill.
  • I still haven’t bought any books, yay me!
  • As for the flat, it’s tidy and that’s all I can really say about it, I didn’t really do anything to improve it.
  • I did stick to my £80 budget for food though and even impressed myself. I haven’t used my credit cards, I did buy new glasses and some new clothes but that was from money I had saved from Christmas and all purchases were needed!

March Plans and Goals


I’m still not feeling 100% better and so I want to use March to get properly well. Although I can’t spend the month in bed asleep, I do need to be gentle with myself and I want to prioritise both rest and strength. So I will get to the gym for a Body Balance or Pilates class at least 4 times in the month and make sure that I’m in bed for eight hours a night (I can’t guarantee that I’ll sleep for 8 hours but I’ll make sure that I turn all electronics off an hour before I go to bed too.

Eat more mindfully. I lost half a stone of weight last month, while I absolutely believe that catching flu is not a great way to lose weight, not wanting to eat for a week has reset my hunger signals, so I want to use that as a starting point to think about what, how and when I eat and eat when I’m hungry, instead of when I’m bored. I’m also going to eat better, I don’t think I eat badly as it is but I do want to restrict the amount of sugar I consume!


Continue as I’m going, try not to give into the temptation to buy any books (which will be harder this month as there are so many books I want to read being released this month) and to make more use of my local library


This is just a straight repeat of last month’s goals, which I didn’t get round to at all!

  • Hang the pictures of Oli and Ben that I was given for Christmas
  • Clean the oven
  • Tidy the cupboard (again!)


Food budget. Go back to planning to spend £20 a week on food.

Much of March is about recovery and rest, I don’t have major plans for the month, I’ll be going watch Oli in the St Patrick’s Parade, celebrating Mothers Day and babysitting Oli, Christelle and I have scheduled in a date for dinner too (finally) and I have to have a haircut. Other than, hopefully, enjoying better weather (it’s England so you never can tell if the weather will be better!) I’m planning for a quietly productive month!


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