Damson Syrup

After I made up the damson gin last week, I had about 300g of damsons left and I needed something to do with them.

It’s difficult to talk about alcohol intake without sounding like I have a problem, I don’t but my dad had issues with drinking and so I’m extra alert about making sure I have a handle on my drinking and after my holiday, where we did drink every day, I’m trying to cut way down on alcohol, which means I’m back to imposing the rule of twos (no more than 2 days in a row, no more than 2 drinks).

I have noticed that a glass of wine or a gin and tonic when I get home, marks the transition from work mode to home quite nicely and because I drink a lot of water and herbal tea at work, the difference in taste is important. I don’t want to start a diet coke habit so I really need to find a decent non alcoholic alternative to help that change. I was going to make some bissap but decided instead to use those damsons for a syrup. Which with fizzy water makes the perfect non alcoholic ‘transition drink’



The recipe is from the Telegraph.

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