Friday Links

Happy Friday! It’s been a week and I’m always glad to get to the end of it!  Here’s some reading for the weekend…

1) What Europe would look like if all the places that wanted to be independent were.

2) Constitutional reform and what we need to avoid.

Instead, we are back to top-down control. This is not about doing things differently but about Westminster designing change to head off at the pass something deeper and more democratic. In the bars at party conferences they will be asking themselves: how can we control this and get the outcome we want?

I chaired Charter 88 and the Power inquiry into the workings of democracy. Each process was a response to public loss of trust in our political system. The refrain from people all round the country was the same: we aren’t listened to. The problems will not go away until we address our democratic deficit.

3) The new housing crisis is apparently the Employed with No Disposable Income or Savings. That’s me!

4) Why aren’t the middle classes staging a revolution? Not something I ever expected to read in the Torygraph…

If there’s a buck to made jacking up your mortgage, or asset-stripping the company you work for, privatising some local service you rely on or selling a publicly-owned amenity you enjoy, they won’t think twice. In fact, they won’t even think once. If they could figure out a way to sell your body from under you, they would. Then they’d get some business school shill to write an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal about how this was inevitable – and how, really, you should be grateful

5) The Catholic Church and infertility. It’s seems to me that if abortion is murder then it follows that IVF is at the very least a grey area and the Church’s logic seems about right. Although I am pro-choice, I’m anti IVF, it seems to me that if you can’t have children naturally then maybe it’s best not to, because God has a different plan for you. However, it’s hard to accept when society judges women so harshly for being childless. Somehow we are viewed as less, as not complete women and it’s terrible that the Church perpetuates those views and chooses not to walk with people who are suffering or have made different choices. The Church needs to love a bit more and condemn a little less.

6) The 25 Stages of Drinking. It’s been a while since I’ve done this, but I remember it well and usually it involved a night bus but it hasn’t been on a school night since I was in my 20’s…


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