What I Did Last Week

Last week was really back to reality and work time. I like my job just find but I’m not sure I’ll ever really truly love anything that I have to do and I’m not into the idea of do what you love. Honestly, no one is going to pay me to do what I love and I’m ok with that, if I had to do it, I probably wouldn’t love it. I know that we are supposed to find fulfilment in a career but I do it for the money, if I didn’t need the money, I wouldn’t work much at all!

So I went to work. I also went to the physio to torture my back into not hurting. It doesn’t hurt now but in my experience it has to hurt a little bit more before it stops hurting again. I may have shouted, just a little bit*, as he got the muscles in my legs and bum to release. In order to build on the good work of the physio there has been quite a bit of yoga this week.

I made Damson gin and syrup from the damsons that we brought back from Northumberland and I am not making any more infusions, because 4 is totally enough for one year.


On Friday, Scotland decided to stay in the Union and more importantly to my mental health, it was the return of the Friday pain au raisin and the beginning of the end when I realised that I couldn’t finish my sushi at lunch (seriously, I don’t know who I am anymore!)


There was also some culture in the form of theatre, Great Britain, which was hilarious, Ma and I have been quoting it all weekend. Also my new favourite sign in a bathroom


and cinema, we saw Pride, which I really enjoyed, on Sunday afternoon and then went for pizza.


There was a birthday cake for a small child (and I’m thinking about a business card that says “Baker of the Baxter Birthday Cakes”) and I didn’t get a photo of complete cake but it was carrot cake and I’m getting better at frosting!



There was also the usual housework, shopping and general living. It was a good week.

*physio hears me shouting “ow, fucking. ow” quite a bit.







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