Stuffed Mushrooms

Leftovers, I’m very fond of leftovers. Our Boxing Day breakfast is made up of leftovers (it’s not as grand as it sounds, it’s cold roast beef and yorkshire puddings – the breakfast of champions!)

But leftovers, save me from my biggest kitchen sin, cooking too much food. I’ve tried, I’ve really tried but I naturally cook for 2 to 3 people and as there is only one of me and even though I’m quite very greedy, there are often leftovers. A lot of them get packed up for lunch, but sometimes they get turned into something else entirely.


These mushrooms started off as the leftover lentils from the Vegetarian Cottage Pie, which I stuffed into some mushrooms. I love mushrooms, there are always mushrooms in my fridge and sometimes they make it into my cooking, mostly they just go straight from the fridge to my mouth, there are worse snack habits to have! Anyway, I took the mushrooms and stuffed them with the  lentils, added some cheese and threw in the oven.


Dinner was served 25 minutes later and was delicious.

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