There are a number of things I can be cross/grumpy/miserable about today.

The 2 hour journey into work. The three trains I couldn’t get on to this morning. The pain in my feet and knees caused by my arthritic feet and the almost constant rain. The almost constant rain. Today’s tube strike. The continual freezing temperatures of the office. The fact that my freshly painted nails have chipped already (it’s always the middle finger of my left hand, what do I do with that finger?). The list is endless.


Honestly, I can’t be bothered. It’s exhausting being miserable.

So today, I’m going to chose to concentrate on the good. I have a job to go to. People on the train were nice about being squashed up against one another. I need to walk more to keep my feet flexible and I got a 30 minute walk into work and it didn’t rain. I live in a country where workers (at least some of them) have the right to strike. I have clothes to keep me warm. Chipped nail varnish can be repaired. This list is endless too.



Having said all that, I am really tired so this is all I’ve got!

How are you going to stay cheerful today?


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2 Responses to Choices

  1. myfitfoot says:

    Well done for seeing the positives in what seems like a very trying day. Good luck with the commute home 🙂

    • nicdempsey says:

      Thanks! In a way the tube strike is doing me some good, I reckon that by the end of today I’ll have walked nearly 8km, the same tomorrow, which can only be good for me. I’ve not been following your getting fit example this year!

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