Friday Links

Happy Friday! Goodness I’ve had a busy week and I’m glad to get to the end of it! Here’s some reading for the weekend.

1) Things that Nelson Mandela did not say.

2) We have a growing economy but no-one that isn’t a millionaire is feeling the benefit.

3) Euan Ferguson writing about his stroke. Some scary stuff there.

4) Pensions and retirement, just so..

5) It might be good for science but yuck…Experience: I discovered a new species up my nose

6) Childlessness and how we view it. Yes, just like that, and she’s right, single and childless, it’s difficult..

7) How planning effects cities and health. I’m so lucky to live in a city where you can walk to things.

8) Cassie at Back to Her Roots has posted a recipe for Christmas ornaments and Cheese Straws that I’m trying desperately not to add to my Christmas To Do list…

9) Finally! People who never drink die younger than people who do!

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