What I’ve Read – July 2013

A Gambling Man – Jenny Uglow

Fascinating and worth reading if you like history. I do feel that I need to know more but am resisting buying anymore books about the period.  I have a ton of history books to get through first.

Dark Triumph – Robin LaFevers

This is the second of three, with each book focusing on a different girl.  I really enjoyed Grave Mercy, which I read last year and I enjoyed this as well. This is a darker book, Sybella is a more damaged person but I really enjoyed it. The only thing that really bugged me is the use of British when they meant English. I know that it’s a fantasy novel but it is loosely based on actual history, set in the 1400’s and you would have said English or Scottish not British, they are not interchangeable. Sorry it bugged me and pulled me out of the story which I really didn’t want because I was enjoying it.

Broken Soup – Jenny Valentine

I read Finding Violet Park about four years ago and really enjoyed it although I think that the US title, Me, the Missing and the Dead, was a better title! I really enjoyed this too, it was quite grim and yes, I’m happy for parents in YA to be flawed but I really, really wanted to slap these parents. I loved that meeting the boy doesn’t solve all problems and that the ending is left open for all sorts of stuff, which is how a story about a 16 year old should be

A Regimental Affair – Allan Mallinson

The third of the Matthew Hervey books and one of my Barter Books purchases. I really enjoyed this, although I just found out that there are 11 books in total so I’m not sure whether I want to read all of them. It reminds me of the Hornblower stories but for dragoons rather than the Navy. Good fun but well researched although I accept that other may not enjoy them as much I did.

Feed – Mira Grant

Another zombie book, I’m enjoying parts of it and when I read it I want to carry on reading it, when I put it down, I’m not too bothered about picking it up.  We’ll see

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