Skincare stuff

Summer has finally arrived in England, and even though the weather forecast says rain on  Wednesday, I reckon that it’s time to think about swapping products for the summer.

I’ve bought the sunblock, and this is the other stuff that I’m currently very into..

Halos N Horns Baby Bath

I have dry skin and get patches of eczema. It’s nothing serious, but I find that this helps and isn’t as expensive as other options (I love the Liz Earle body wash but it’s £11.50 a bottle, this is a much more reasonable) I buy mine from Amazon as it’s hard to get anywhere else.

philosophy kiss me spf 20

Minty lip balm with SPF that lasts for ever. Perfect.

Sk:n Brightening and Firming Eye Cream

This came as part of the Beauty Bible testing pack and I love it. It works, isn’t too much for my skin and lasts forever.

You Rebel lite

Summer is the time for tinted moisturiser, this gives good coverage, goes on well on my skin.

Any other suggestions?

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  1. Alan George says:

    Nice post and awesome products are mentioned above. Thanks for sharing.

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