Foodie Penpals

I wasn’t supposed to be taking part this month. 

However, when I was on holiday Carol Ann asked if anyone would send a parcel as otherwise someone would be without a parcel. So I volunteered and sent a parcel to Christine. Christine doesn’t have a blog so I asked her if she wanted to write a post for me! So my first ever guest post!

Nicola saved me from being a foodie penpal orphan this month. I really appreciated the thoughtfulness (and deliciousness!) that went into her parcel, especially since it can be challenging dealing with people with dietary restrictions – veganism in my case. The box contained:

– apple-cinnamon granola bars:

I was impressed with the texture of these as my granola bars always fall apart immediately. Nic’s seem like they would withstand a hike into a volcano. They’re also very filling, which would be useful on a volcano hike. The bars were satisfying on their own as well as mixed into a breakfast mixture of soya yogurt, shredded courgette and diced apple.

– lemon roasted almonds/corn kernels

This nibble mix was crunchy and addictive. It turns out lemon is a good flavouring for almonds, who knew?

– blueberry YoYos

These are as fun as fruit gets, with bright blue chewy coils and a blue bear on the package.

– cocoa orange Nakd bar

An old favourite!

– lemon ginger ginseng tea

Just the thing for my boyfriend and officemates, who seem to have the same type of cold this week.

 – bread mix

Given the very un-English heat we’ve been experiencing, it’s a testament to how good this bread sounded that I dared to turn on the oven to bake it. It turned out perfectly, with a browned and crunchy crust and a chewy interior. The pumpkin seeds and pine nuts really made the bread for me. I love pine nuts but never buy them as they’re more expensive than other nuts.

Many many thanks to Nic – everyone should be so lucky as to get a food package from her!

If you want to get involved with foodie penpals, go and visit Carol Ann, here and sign up

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1 Response to Foodie Penpals

  1. Rock Salt says:

    Nic, thank you again for stepping in and being an absolute angel. I love this guest post, good to know that any future volcano treks will be well served in the granola bar department.

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