May Goals – How I did

It’s been a mixed bag this month. The holiday was amazing and I just what I needed. Northumbria is beautiful and full of ruined things…

1) Exercise – three times a week + physio stuff every day. I will be on holiday for a week during May but we plan to be pretty active so should be alright, what I really need to focus on is strength work, I’m fine with cardio but need to do more sit ups – Again was great before the holiday, pretty good during the holiday, rubbish for the last couple of weeks.I’m gonna have to call it a fail.

2) Money – £200 for the month. That’s for haircuts, dry cleaning, foodie pen pals, vitamins (which cost a packet), groceries and everything else! – Pass

3) Sleep – I have to get to bed no later than 10pm on a school night – Pass for the first part of the month, after the holiday, I’ve struggled a bit more..

4) Drink – still on this one. Nothing until my holiday and after my holiday once (already a planned date with Maggie and Ma at Gilbert Scott). Not drinking helps me accomplish other goals namely the exercise and getting to sleep ones better, so until I feel that they stop being goals and start being habits, I want to really slow down on the drinking. (Listen to me, I sound like I normally down a bottle a night!) – Pretty much a pass. I was strong until the holiday. Had a 2 gin and tonics and a bottle of wine over 3 days that were days I shouldn’t have been drinking.

5) I eat a lot of fruit – which is no bad thing, but I’ll like to swap 1 or 2 of the 4+ pieces of fruit I eat in an average day with something else, carrots and hummus, cornichons, something with a bit less sugar. – Pass-ish, I’ve done better but not as well as I’d like

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