Friday Night Cocktail – Watermelon Mojito


I’m not keen on mojitos, usually, but I saw this one on Eat, Live, Run, Jenna got it from here and I just loved the colour. I mentioned it to Matt & Michael, who tried it, tweaked it and presented me with this version.  I don’t know how the original tasted was but I love this version. It strikes me that this would be fab at a summer party but it is quite strong. So if you are planning on having more than one, you might want to consider diluting with soda water or lemonade (if going the lemonade route omit the sugar) or use less rum!


3oz white rum

1 tablespoon sugar

3 tablespoons lime juice

10-12 mint leaves

4-5 oz watermelon juice


1. First make your juice. Puree some watermelon and strain through a sieve. (I used 120z of watermelon and got about 8oz of  juice).

2. Muddle the mint, sugar and lime together.

3. Add the rum and watermelon juice. Stir.

3. Fill a tall glass with ice. Pour the cocktail in. Garnish with mint and lime.

4. Enjoy.


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