Sucking it up, snapping out of it etc, etc

So during two days of moping, I didn’t run, I watched seasons 3, 4 and 5 of Friday Night Lights and am now prepared to admit that American Football whilst not proper football* isn’t just rugby with padding. I have also learned that humans gave armadillos leprosy**. Truly, I am a font of useless information..

I have babysat for Tabitha, who was only a screaming banshee for about 40 minutes and was generally charming otherwise. I realized that I know all the words to the Zingzillas song and have decided that this is probably very valuable aunty knowledge and if it keeps this guy happy, I can live with it!

Today I am preparing for an interview, making coffee for the plumbers who are fitting new radiators, going to buy some ribbon for Grace on Saturday (I’ve been asked to but don’t know what it’s for!) and I may attempt these again, I’ve made them before but they weren’t as fudgy as I was expecting, probably because they were missing the additional raspberries, they were still pretty good but I like to get it right!


*Football is a game played with a round ball and using the feet – you may call it soccer, you’re wrong, it’s football

**In Our Time – I love BBC Radio 4

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