Jonah Day

Anne Shirley used to have ‘jonah days’, where nothing quite went right. I had one of those days yesterday. Allow me to list the ways that yesterday sucked..

1. I smashed my cafetiere before I made my coffee

2. I went for a run and the heavens opened…I tried to run through it but it was like taking a shower while I was running.

3. I gave up and walked/ran home, just as I got home the rain stopped

4. I dropped body lotion and the stuff went everywhere on the wooden floors. Fun to clean

5. I left the house for food, it rained buckets, I had an umbrella but it was pretty wet especially that given that the umbrella kept blowing inside out.

6. Unpacking the shopping a bag of flour disintegrated all over me and the kitchen floor.

7. During the thunder and hailstorm, I realised it was raining in my kitchen..

8. I went out to have the run I didn’t have this morning, slipped and fell on my arse.

Today will be better, I made bread last night!!

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