Monday Miscellany: Adventures in Dog Sitting

Happy Monday!

So the thing I couldn’t talk about last week was that I spent the weekend looking after Mike and Christelle’s dogs, while Mike whisked Christelle off to France to see her family for the first time in two years!

It was an early birthday present for Christelle, and a very instructional weekend for me! So this is what three days with Gabbie and Baylen (the dogs taught me) I love dogs but I’m never going to own one. I don’t enjoy having something that dependent on me and I’m still allergic to them. Not massively but enough that by Saturday night I was coughing enough that I was considering a COVID test and I had itchy eyes and nose.

So that was a lesson learned. Also Baylen had an upset stomach on Friday night and Gabbie was so disgruntled on Saturday, she left a ‘present’ outside my bedroom! I haven’t cleaned that much poo up since the littlest nephew was in nappies!

Speaking of nephews today the eldest one turns 12. I feel old! He sent me a text to thank me for his birthday present, it feels like a long time ago when he first joined the family!

12 years ago

My plans for this week are work, home and start to think about Ma’s birthday and Christmas. It feels like a long time away but Ma’s birthday is the start of December and is actually only 12 days away. That’s the first weekend of December, I’m away the weekend after that and then there’s one weekend and it’s Christmas! I’m not even close to ready!

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