The Weekend

Friday night and work night out playing ping pong


I know it’s amazingly out of focus but it was that kind of a night! I won one game, lost the rest and didn’t really mind. It was night to catch up and talk nonsense with my colleagues.

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day! There was blue sky and the trees are finally beginning to blossom.


I did some general sorting out and baked a bit (more on that later this week)


Then off to Christelle and Mike’s for dinner and general fun with the Furmstons..



I was not very well the next morning. No headache, I was just very, very sick. Several times.

Sunday was spent on the sofa with a Georgette Heyer, feeling quite and not very well!

Other than that, it was a lovely weekend and although today I still feel rocky (which makes me think that it’s more than a hangover!) I’ll live.  This week is all about holiday prep at work and home, on Friday I will be heading up north for a week and I can’t wait!

What are you up to this week?

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