#resound11: Home is…

So behind on these, it’s been a mad week.

How will you resound?When did you feel most at home this year: in your life, in your space, in your career, in your skin? What factors make that situation feel like home? Do certain comforts make your space feel like home? Does being with certain people make you feel complete? Is there an activity in which you excel that makes you feel like you’re doing what you were meant to do?

This is your life. Where do you live? Where is home?

Home is here

I can honestly say that my flat is where I’m comfortable, where I’m home. I’m lucky to have it.

There are other places that I feel at home too. At my Mum’s, increasingly with at Ben and Lu’s (where I’m writing this, having put the boy to bed!). They’re places I always feel like me, with my family, where I am truly known, good and bad, and loved. Which is the definition of home.

I feel at home in places I’m somehow meant to be in, that can be uncomfortable places, where I’m called to stretch myself, this year that was in currating my first Grace service ‘God’s Not Fair‘. I’m not sure I’ll ever do another one, but it was something I was really called to do.

This year in Middleham, where I have wanted to go since I was a young impressionable teenager.

In July, when I spent a night looking after my nephew because it was the only thing I could do for Ben and Laura besides pray. In September, when I went to Belfast because I just wanted to check on Ryan with my own eyes!

So I guess for me home is a place and a feeling of doing what God put me on earth to do, for the times when I’m sure and certain of it

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