In which Anna is made of awesome

Anna at Little Red Boat was going on a trip, she had an idea and Snailr was born.

My postcard arrived on 25th Sept, I got back from Belfast and was ridiculously happy to get it.  I was also very tired and very hungover so haven’t got around to putting up photos of it.  It’s been sitting on my kitchen table and it was starting to look a bit cross, ’cause I wasn’t doing what I said I’d do. (I live alone inanimate objects do talk to me…)  So I’m not going to work early and I’m doing it now!!

Back of the postcard says:

We are reliably informed by the onboard trails and rails guy (a volunteer from the national parks service telling us what we’re looking at) that the tunnel we’re going through is the second largest in the USA, and moreover, that it was built (?) by men tunnelling from both ends inward, as well as from right in the middle outward, yet somehow, they still managed to end up with a tunnel like this: ________________

I think that If I had been invovled it would have ended up more like this (see drawing!) so it’s probably good that I wasn’t a railway engineer of the 1800’s. Phew, eh?

I need to say it again, although I don’t actually know Anna in real life, I think she is brilliant.  And I will be writing more postcards in future….

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