Outstanding beauty…

Reading Christina‘s lastest blog post has got me thinking about how we (and I view beauty).  This is her quote:

“It’s not like we don’t have beauty in the UK. Whenever, if ever, I escape the city, I’m invariably surprised and mildly distressed to be reminded of the glorious countryside that is apparently going on all the time while Londoners fight over seats on the tube.”

Ok so fighting for a seat on the Tube is never fun or beautiful and yes the countryside is often beautiful.  I do resent the majority view that seems to say that all cities are ugly and London is more so.

I find London to be beautiful all the bloody time.  And I’ve never been in a city that I couldn’t find some beauty in (even Belfast!)

Is is easy to live in?  Not always.

Is it full of people who act like dicks? There are a fair number of them but with an estimated population of 7,512,400 not all of them can be rubbish human beings either.  Anyway, these are not arguments about whether somewhere is beautiful, they are arguments about quality of life.  (My view is that London and cities in general are a damn sight easier to live in than small country towns but that is a matter of personal choice)

So I’m going to say it again, London is beautiful…

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