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Monday Miscellany: A Four Year Old in the Family

Happy Monday! People it has been a week! I’ve had a low, level annoying virus, sore throat, slightly snotty and very tired. It’s not been enough to be off work, just enough to annoy me! I have a new role … Continue reading

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Friday Links: 100% failure rate

Happy Friday! It’s been quite a week for news… Britain’s Political Chaos Shows Everything Is Okay. Last week, my friend Kathy, who grew up in a country with an actual written constitution, was arguing about how dangerous Boris was because … Continue reading

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Food Budget Reset

It’s September and with the sole of exception of Saturday because it’s family dinner so it won’t be OTT, I’m not drinking alcohol this month. There are two months of the year where we’re encouraged to give up drinking for … Continue reading

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Allotment Adventures: Tomatoes

We finally have some high summer veg. Just as August ends! I was beyond excited for the tomatoes and corn but didn’t think we had any cukes until I was cutting back the leaves of the rampant cucumber bed and … Continue reading

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Monday Miscellany: Autumn is coming

Happy Monday and September! How was last week for everyone? Mine was fine, there is some change coming down the pipe but we’ll have to see how that goes. The country is a mess but we covered that on Friday! … Continue reading

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Sunday Music: Drew Holcomb – Family

This week I spent some time talking to my brother and yesterday, I spent some time on the allotment with Ma. I also spent some time talking to my aunt and next week I’ll be at my brother’s for the … Continue reading

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Recommendation: English Heritage and National Trust Memberships

Now I’m 46, I am middle aged, I like gardening and old buildings, I have been known to plan holidays around going to see particular old buildings (mostly Middleham which is my favourite castle!). I did all of this as … Continue reading

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