Whitley Bay to Tynemouth

The first day of our holiday, it was a priority to get to the sea. I needed some seaside time, it’s called Vitamin Sea for a reason!

Ma wanted to go to Whitley Bay and I wanted to go to Tynemouth, so we went to Whitley Bay and walked to Tynemouth. While three miles isn’t that much of a walk, it’s a lot if you’re 74, have arthritic knees and feet and some balance issues. Ma did it though and it’s a lovely walk.

Ma wanted to go and see the Spanish City, it’s a pretty building but other than that was a crashing disappointment.

The walk was beautiful, we had been expecting rain but it was a lovely sunny day.

We got to walk on the beach and get our feet in the sea (Ma a bit more than she planned to!), however this route is prepared for the aged, walking along.

We visited the Priory for a bit and then went back to Newcastle.

It was a good day!!

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