Allotment Adventures: Everything’s Coming Up Roses

Last Saturday we had lots to do and not a huge amount of time in which to do it.

The peony is in flower

We started with the sweet potato slips that arrived on Friday. First we had to fill the bed, then plant and then cover them with fleece because it still feels really cold.

Gooseberries and Sweet Potatoes all protected!

I put together an arch, to support my favourite rose bush, which is just about to burst into flower!

Yellow roses are my favourite

We set up the netting for the gooseberries and then I got sidetracked by the stated of the cane storage at the back of the plot (and I managed to bash myself in the face with some piping!)


That done, we mulched the potato bed. I have only grown potatoes in a bed once before and it was really difficult to keep them watered. I’m also just not sure what the weather is going to do this year, this time last year, we were at the beginning of drought and I thought for this year, mulching would help with my growing. I may only use it on the potatoes, if it stays this wet, I might just experiment on a couple of beds and see if it makes a difference.

Cosy potatoes!

That done, we called it good and went home!

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