Monday Miscellany: Newcastle

Happy Monday!

Last week was an ok week, it was a four day week, and I only did one day in the office, I hosted (which feels like an over the top word for making soup and bread) Kathy and Sue for lunch on Wednesday, which was lovely.

I was pretty pleased with the soup (this one from Sustainable Cooks but with my own canned tomatoes and diary so it wasn’t vegan) and the focaccia (this one from BBC Good Food) and it was nice to catch up.

I was busy indoors with trying to do all the things before I went on holiday and was a little bit more switched on in terms of work. I’m still really migraine-y at the moment, there does seem to be an uptick in them at the moment so I think I need to head back to the doctors. (My Grandma Iris had migraines and died at 49 with a brain tumor. I don’t think I have a brain tumor I would like the doctor to do more than tell me it’s probably menopause, although given the pressure on the NHS right now, I’m not sure that it’s likely!)

On Sunday, I went to Newcastle and here I am. We’ll here for most of the week, I need a break and this will be perfect, no work in the office, no allotment work, no housework! A proper rest from all that and a daily walk up a big hill!

Have a good week!

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