A Day in Food: The Living with Mother Edition

I’m choosing to use this time with Ma to reset my diet, post Christmas, I’ve been trying to use things up edited the kitchen build, while I wouldn’t call it terrible I’m ready to get back to a bit more discipline in my eating habits.

Ma is the master at this and I’m in the office all week so the only variation is dinner. Here’s a typical weekday of eating for the next couple of weeks…

I start the day with a collagen milkshake. I use Hunter and Gather collagen peptides and because I’m of an age where laying down calcium is advised, 200ml of whole organic milk. I don’t really like milk so the unhealthy bit is this is the banana nesquik!


I make coffee when I make my milkshake and take it on the train with me. Once I’m at the office, I fill up my water bottle and a cup of tea. The tea is herbal and usually ginger or mint. Breakfast is a pepper, carrots and two roasted chicken thighs.


Lunch is a mum special, she ate a variation of this a lot when she was working. Three oatcakes, carrots, celery and hummus. I added the Laughing Cow (Ma will always have this or Dairylea in the fridge).

I also like a lunch pudding, it would have been yoghurt but they didn’t have flavours l liked this week so fruit fool it is!

And Monday to Wednesday, my extra treat has been two mini crème eggs. (This is me indulging myself until Lent starts and I do my usual thing of giving up sweets, crisps and chocolate until Easter! Also I need something to look forward too, this week has been tough!)

Crème Eggs

When I get back from work, Ma has dinner underway. Truly this is a marvellous thing. It’s often a protein and veg. This was salmon with pesto and roasted Brussels sprouts and squash. Both the pesto and squash are allotment produce!

It’s not the most clean diet on the planet but it works for me because despite getting 6 and a half hours of sleep a night (it’s been worse but not recently!) for most of this week, I’ve managed to be up at 6am and in the office by 8:15 and working loads, there’s a lot going on this week!

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