Friday Links: Cold

Happy Friday! We’re having our first properly cold December for a while, it was -1c when I left the house this morning and for London that’s practically artic. As ever the North is having it worse but Ma has been saying it’s going to be a hard winter since about May. So it’s nice for her to be right!

Here are this week’s links…

This winter of discontent will harden the feeling that the Tories have broken Britain

Martin Lewis charity highlights mental toll of cost of living crisis

Thérèse Coffey rules out help for farmers and consumers facing higher costs. It’s not the job of government to give out free food, it is the job of government to make sure that we have a food system that is sustainable. Not something they are doing a great job of right now.

Why inheritance is the dirty secret of the middle classes – harder to talk about than sex

Suella Braverman is spoiling for a fight on human rights – one that undermines this whole government

Have no doubt: opening a coalmine in Cumbria is a climate crime against humanity. It’s just so stupid.

As the Michelle Mone PPE scandal deepens, ministers can no longer feign ignorance

The price of ‘sugar free’: are sweeteners as harmless as we thought?

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