Monday Miscellany: Snow and Frost

Happy Monday!

I know it’s Monday evening not morning but work is busy and I am tired and cold and seasonally affected so the last place my effort goes is here. Which means that things slip. And last week was busy.

We celebrated Ma’s birthday again on Monday, with a grown up lunch at Hawksmoor.

Ma and I stopped off at the Whisky Exchange shop on the way home, where I proved (yet again) that I can’t be trusted. Yes, I did buy a heavily peated whisky, no one is more surprised than me!

On Tuesday, Ma and I had a nice breakfast and did some shopping in Kingston, we lasted two hours before we were done. We didn’t get many of the things that we planned to but neither of us really enjoy shopping so two hours is about our limit.

Wednesday was the beginning of my work week and it was busy because I had two days to get five days work done. Friday was our re-arranged Christmas/Year End celebration. Please don’t get me wrong it was a good day but I spend a lot of the team days, running around because when organising is your job, it doesn’t stop when the party starts because you are the only person that knows what’s supposed to be happening. So I started the day, buying snacks, organising and doing the coffee run and liaising with catering because I forgot to include myself in the numbers for lunch…

Still it was fun and everyone has said they enjoyed it, so not bad for a party that had to be moved forward a week and completely re-thought because of train strikes! (and we still came in under budget!)

The weekend was still cold but the allotment had to be visited, and I had some errands to run in the afternoon. By about 7pm, I realised that I didn’t feel well enough (cold, shivery and achey) to get myself to Grace, so I went to bed (I realised on Monday that it was lady problems – peri menopause strikes again). I may have also been slightly over-extended socially, and a day of no people on Sunday was definitely required.

Plans for this week are work and everything else is about being indoors. It’s been cold for this time of year and there was snow yesterday night. I know that there are colder parts of the world and the country (poor Scotland) but this time of year the average temperatures in London are between 9C and 5C, for the last five days it’s not got above 3C and that will continue until the weekend!

We are also in train strike week, I’m planning to be in the office tomorrow and Wednesday, but that’s really TFL dependent, the trains were struggling today, so we’ll see. At the weekend, I’m delivering supplies to Ma’s house and going to the Grace Christmas party.

Have a good week!

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