Monday Miscellany: Birthday Fun

Happy Monday!

My motto for the week

Last week was Stef’s anniversary (Tues) Christelle (Wed) and Ma’s (Sunday) birthday. It has the potential to be an emotional week. Added into it was my own shit, we’ve had to change the date of the team Christmas celebration to this Friday coming, which has taken some work and I had to run a business continuity meeting and everyone is so busy, I never get everything on the list done, so I always feel behind. (I was also having my first period in two months, this is peri menopause). I was also getting ready for family lunch for Ma’s birthday on Saturday.

Cake for birthday breakfast!

However, it wasn’t an emotional week, i think because I was too busy! I spend some time with Michael on Tuesday afternoon and powered through work (mostly from home!), yes, I did work until 7pm on Friday night and log in on Sunday to check email but it was worth it for having two days off this week!

I got the flat tidy and dog proof (only to have Ben decide to leave Barney at home!), lunch was made, we had a lovely time. It was lovely to see everyone but I missed Barney and we all missed Oli, who was off for his first skiing lesson, we are a family with a teenager and a pensioner for the first time since Ben and I were teens! The Fitbit registered over 7.5k steps and 161 minutes exercise in a day when I only went outside to take out the rubbish, such was the intensity of my homemaking and hostessing on Saturday!!

The succulent collection

Today, I’m at Ma’s house and we have ‘jolly japes’ planned for the next couple of days. Hawksmoor for lunch today and some Christmas shopping on Tuesday.

The rest of the week is work, a re-arranged Christmas party, allotment work, Grace and some time in a dark room by myself!

Have a good week!!

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