Friday Links: Looking for some good news

Happy Friday!

This week, the Tories in ‘charge’ of the country, acted like typical Tories in the Spring statement, people are outraged, like the last 12 years were no guide to current behaviour. Russia committed hideous bombing in Ukraine, COVID rates are high and none of the news feels good. People are having a go at Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was finally released from Iran and promptly told of for having an opinion about how long it took to get her out. As if to make up for the horror of human behaviour, Spring sprang and the weather has been glorious for March…

Here are some links…

Like Martin Lewis, our charity is running out of tools in the cost of living crisis

Spend a day with me in the eviction court, Mr Sunak, and you’ll understand the ‘cost of living’

Rishi Sunak’s most pressing task? Cleaning up his own mess

Nazanin is grateful, but is she grateful enough? I don’t know but the trolls will tell us

Fuel price cuts in the UK will largely benefit the SUV-driving elite

I did not ‘snub’ Kate Middleton. But Jamaica needs more than royal regrets over slavery. I think the UK should be a republic, if Jamaica does, I’ll be very happy for them. As to reparations, I don’t think it’ll ever happen but we do probably owe them.

I had to keep my sources secret, or the Birmingham Six might still be in jail. Rather than take the blame for botching the entire thing because the police were corrupt, they are whipping the victims family into a frenzy directed at Chris Mullin.

Putin Doesn’t Realize How Much Warfare Has Changed

Ketanji Brown Jackson is on track for a pretty quick confirmation. The hearings have been wild…

I’m ditching the overspill tote – one bag is better than two. I’m struggling with this at the moment. Having to cart a laptop, water bottle, phone, purse, kindle and/or book, plus breakfast and lunch is getting to me. I think I may have a solution for work days though, I’ll keep you posted.

How I learned to love weeds – and why you should, too. Ma and I were talking about this, and I decided not to pull up all the bittercress that is currently flowering around my pond, but all grass and bindweed will and must be pulled to prevent a takeover.

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3 Responses to Friday Links: Looking for some good news

  1. Monch Weller says:

    I do agree with you on the issue of Jamaica. If Barbados can cut off the royal connections and stand on its own, I see no reason for Jamaica to hold back on independence.

    • nicdempsey says:

      Jamaica is already independent, in fact the anniversary of their independence is the same day as my birthday! Currently, the Queen is their Head of State, so it’s a constitutional change and why the Cambridges have been dispatched to try and shore up support for the monarchy.

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