Monday Miscellany: Vernal Equinox, Baby!

Happy Monday!

Last Monday we officially entered Spring. Equal amounts of day and night. I spent most of this week feeling like I was on drugs, even with several days in the office and a sore back and hip, I was so much happier. My SAD brain has switched back into full power mode, thank goodness.

It was also really warm this week, it’s not going to last into this week but it was 20C on Wednesday and I for one was psyched to get back into my sandals (look my feet just want to be free and I’m not going to deny them when the weather is good!)

While most of our year runs January to December, the tax year runs starts in April, which means that March is the time I reassess my budget in light of new council tax and other assorted bills, possible tax changes and maybe a pay rise. I write a lot about money because for me, for years it was a problem (some my fault, some not), I got made redundant in 2009 and it’s only really felt like I’ve caught up with myself in the last four years or so.  We are looking at the highest rise in inflation in the last thirty years, because of my experience over the last 12 years, it’s super important to me, to know how much trouble I’m in! This year, is looking ok, I’m not rolling in money, I’ll just have to be more aware of and cautious about my spending and I should be ok, but I’m worried about the people who won’t be.

However, having assessed my budget, I also needed to do some spending. There are some things, I need. First up my walking boots (which are also my allotment boots) have finally died (they did good service, I’ve had them over 13 years, I also needed a supportive pair of trainers. When you have bad feet, and I have really bad feet, footwear is expensive. It’s felt like a whirligig of spending but it needed to be done.

Other things this last week, were three days in the office, finally getting to a Grace meal on Wednesday, a walk with Sue on Thursday, Mother’s Day on Sunday and the cancellation of this weekend with the nephews because they’ve all had COVID and are exhausted.

This week, is another planned two days in the office but calloo callay this Friday and next Monday off work. April is going to be a series of 4 days weeks thanks to this and the Easter Bank Holidays, I’ll only do an entire 5 day week in the last week of the month! I also want to participate in Gracelet on Tuesday night but I can actually do that from the comfort of my desk, I’ve found the book interesting and the discussion interesting. However, this week will be more of a return to my work/home/sleep pattern. I want to use Friday to do more work on the plot and generally make myself and my flat a bit more ready for Spring.

Have a good week!

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