Allotment Adventures: Spring

Although I’ve not been talking about the plot, we have been doing things on it.

We swapped the position of some of the compost bins and storage, because something was digging up the middle compost bin and depositing it all over the path. It gives us a wider path by the polytunnel and so far no creatures digging it out.

We also filled up one of the beds in the polytunnel and I scattered a bunch of radish and salad leaves in it. Hopefully we’ll get some greens before it’s time for me to plant the melons and cucumbers in that bed in May. We also sowed three trays of leeks, which I’ll leave in the poly and plant out some time in June or July.

Inside the polytunnel

Outside, Ma weeded the bath of mint and I worked on the front of the plot. Weeding all around the rhubarb and putting lawn edging next to the run of rhubarb plants. I still need to trim the path but this way should make it easier to weed and the path is narrow so over time I’m hoping it’ll build it up.

We also sowed peas, carrots and celeriac and trimmed the verbena and rudbekia. So we’ll on our way towards Spring.

Knautia Macedonia

The March list is below and it’s not looking great because I keep getting sidetracked by other things…

  • Paint shed
  • Strim grass edges
  • Weed, top up and cover the beds
  • Sort out the weedy area by the boysenberry
  • Weed and mulch the flower beds
  • Weed and reup the cardboard and woodchip on the paths that haven’t been done already (the ones at the back of the plot)
  • Sow radishes and salad in the polytunnel
  • Sow peas, late March

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