Friday Links: The state of the world is rubbish

Happy Friday!

Well, the world is pretty much terrible. It’s not that everything is terrible, it’s that even the good stuff, is fixing something that’s broken. Here are this week’s links….

She was the Agatha Christie of romance novels. You’ve probably never heard of her. I have heard of her, I really love those books (my fav is A Civil Contract) but some of the books are problematic and Heyer was racist and not a nice person.

Nigel Farage’s hard-right faction won Brexit. Now net zero is in its sights

What we can learn from Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s TV presidency

Mass sacking by P&O Ferries ‘a new low’ for shipping, says union

Shouldn’t someone in football also care about the war in Yemen just a little? I do have a dog in this fight and for what it’s worth I think the sanctions are the right thing to do but this isn’t just a Chelsea problem. It’s a football problem. It’s the ‘fit and proper person’ test not being fit or proper in any of the football leagues, (go and ask Derby about that). It’s the World Cup hosted by Russia and Qatar. Football has been following the money with no regard for morality for years. Chelsea is a symptom, it’s not the disease. Stopping Chelsea from selling tickets and shirts won’t fix what’s wrong with football, that’s going to take much more work.

Thomasina Miers: ‘As supermarket shelves emptied, it became clear that we need to do things differently’. We do have to do things differently. However, it’s not just food, its housing and work and bills and education. All of those things contribute to how we cook and eat. None of this stuff happens in isolation.

Pensioner poverty is at a new high – so why are older people still voting Tory? My experience is that the pensioners I know who vote Tory aren’t the poor ones.

Who’s profiting from the cost of living crisis? Right now, it’s big business owners

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s ordeal shows the uselessness of economic sanctions

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