Allotment Adventures: Harvesting

We didn’t do much this week, I was tired and needed to shop.

So we came and watered (which was a mission in and of itself) and harvested.

The beans and cukes are winding down but the summer squash is on a mission.

There are some parts of the plot that are looking wild.


Because it’s been hot this week, yeah, September so far has been warmer than all of August, I went to water again this morning. And there were another 4 straightneck squash (it’s really living up to the prolific part of early prolific straightneck!) and another courgette. Also 4 strawberries!

The roses are having a second wind as well, I have no idea what they are but they sure are pretty. We call the red one, Iris, after my Grandma because it’s just so in your face!

We’re in a nice space at the moment with the production winding down a bit, everything is in for winter and it’s really just maintenance until things really slow down and we can start moving and building things for next year.

Usually I’m anxious to start but this year I just want to enjoy it.

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