Monday Miscellany: Partied Out

Happy Monday!

Park view on my commute

Last week was extremely social for me, I’m for sure going to spend some time this week alone and not talking to anyone because I’m feeling slightly crazed…

Part of that is because of the ongoing new neighbours shenanigans, on Friday I had to go next door and point out that they really can’t be knocking a fire place out on a party wall without a party wall agreement and then frantically contacting my landlord and the landlord for downstairs (they used to be my neighbours so they are friends too) so we could get it sorted out. The roof and chimney next door are not in a great state so knocking out a load bearing wall is not very safe and I’m allergic to the idea of it falling on my head or losing my living room wall because of cowboy builders! While I was at it, I also had a talk to downstairs about the ongoing situation with the bins. I hate to do it but its the tiny, little things that make for bad neighbour relations and maggots in rubbish bins, rubbish in recycling bins, leaving things out for foxes to get and using all the bins so I can’t put the one bag of rubbish I generate every two weeks out are things that seem minor but really get to you (or maybe just me!).

I’m sure that it’ll all sort itself out and be fine but I don’t like having to be the person to pull people up, moving and new houses are stressful enough but I have to live here too and it all felt exhausting.

Drinks with a view

I’m really feeling the ‘back to school’ vibe at the moment, more people are coming into the office and on Thursday after work we went for drinks. It feels like we are all being cautiously optimistic, although I just got the notice for my flu jab and Ma has hers booked so we’re not being stupid but things do feel more normal.

Last week was also the momentous occasion of the youngest nephew turning six. We went up on Saturday for dinner and then for the birthday party on Sunday. Which was all fun, six is the age you wear your football kit to your birthday party!

He’s a QPR supporter, I still love him

I spend Friday afternoon with a friend and then with her and her kids, which is adding to my ‘things might be getting to the new normal’ vibe too.

This week is slightly less mad, I’m in the office a couple of days and seeing Sue for a walk today, I have some solo allotment time as Ma isn’t here this weekend and I’m going to see Christelle and Mike on Saturday via Ma’s (just because she’s not on the plot, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t get a share of the bounty!)

Overall, it’s a bedding in week, house tidy, bedtimes and generally ensuring that I have some control over what’s happening. We’ll see how that works out!

Have a good week.

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