Oddbox and Potato Crust Quiche

Because the allotment isn’t producing a lot at the moment (we’re getting rhubarb and not much else) I decided to try Oddbox. Yes, it’s part of my drive to be a bit more sustainable because this produce would be thrown out otherwise.

I chose the £19.99 large fruit and veg box to be delivered every two weeks, because it had more variety in it and I eat a lot of produce, especially as I’m not eating meat Monday to Friday. The first order was £10 off and Oddbox does run a refer a friend scheme (https://mention-me.com/m/ol/nn2gg-nicola-dempsey. This is my link if it’s something that interests you). You can change your delivery frequency and the size of the box anytime, I can see that when the allotment gets going I might switch to the small box or the fruit booster box.

The large box

I’ve been trying over the last year to buy British seasonal produce, so I have to admit it was a shock to have a box with tomatoes, courgettes, passion fruit and mangoes in it! But it’s been interesting to have to plan around the contents of the box and not plan and then shop! I chose a Large fruit and veg box every two weeks, because it had more variety in it and I eat a lot of produce, especially as I’m not eating meat Monday to Friday. I do know that for many of my friends with children this way of doing things has been difficult because they don’t have the time to plan, however, Oddbox do send you an email the week before with the expected list of what’s in the box and I was impressed that compared to another box scheme more of the produce was local (i.e British) although yes the apples and clementines were little!

You can exclude up to three things and you can change that every week but I thought it would be more interesting to take was I was given and go from there. Which meant potatoes. Really like potatoes but don’t often buy them, there is a certain time of the year on the plot when I eat a lot of potato salad and I love mashed potatoes, but I’m not my dad and I don’t need them with every meal! So I went looking for a recipe and stumbled on this, as luck would have it, I had sweet potatoes in the box as well so it was a win.

As usual, I made a small change, and used spring onion tops instead of chives (I really need to replant some chives on the plot but these spring onions over wintered in one of the beds and I’m going to make that something I do for next winter!) and my oven still runs too hot so it’s maybe a little darker than a perfect quiche would be.

Next time I will use the food processor to grate the potatoes and I might use more paprika in the crust, but it was perfect with a salad for dinner and eating the leftovers for lunch!

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